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Here, we showcase the breadth and depth of our property improvement projects across the West Midlands. From the bustling streets of Birmingham to Solihull, our portfolio spans a diverse range of West Midlands locales, including Dudley and West Bromwich.

Look into detailed accounts of how we've transformed residential and commercial properties through our specialised services. Whether it's through painting and decorating, innovative spray plastering, or energy-efficient insulation solutions, each case study highlights our approach to delivering high-quality, sustainable results.

Our case studies also feature specialised applications such as thermal cork rendering and contemporary micro cement finishes, demonstrating our ability to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Join us as we explore these transformative projects, offering insights into the challenges we've overcome and the innovative solutions we've employed. Through these case studies, we aim to inspire your next project and showcase why 2nd City Spray Solutions is the trusted choice for property improvements in the West Midlands and beyond.

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Our Birmingham painting, decorating and plastering team in a commercial property

Before and after of a shop front...

In Wednesbury, Aladdin's pizza shop received a much-needed exterior makeover courtesy of 2nd City Spray Solutions. Tasked with enhancing the shop's curb appeal, our team focused on refreshing the shutters and facade to better reflect the quality and warmth of this Sandwell pizzeria's pizzas!

The exterior, worn by weather and time, needed an update to attract more customers and rejuvenate its presence in the community. We selected durable, high-quality paints that promised longevity and a fresh, appealing look.

Our skilled team prepared the surfaces carefully, ensuring a flawless application. We then revitalised the shutters and facade with vibrant colours and protective coatings, turning functional elements into striking features of the shop's exterior.

Aladdin's now sports a modern and inviting look, drawing in both new and loyal patrons with its refreshed appearance. This project underlines our commitment at 2nd City Spray Solutions to deliver top-notch results that drive business and enhance community spaces.

Whether it's a business facelift or a residential refresh, our painting and decorating services are here to transform your space. Contact us to see how we can make your project a success.

a shop front that needs our spray painter and decorators' magic touch
the pizza takeaway shop front after painting and decorating

Before and after of offices...

When several office spaces in the West Midlands required a complete design overhaul, 2nd City Spray Solutions rose to the challenge. The aim was to reinvigorate these workspaces with innovative design solutions that refreshed their appearance while enhancing functionality and productivity.

Modern businesses demand office environments that inspire creativity, foster productivity, and reflect their brand identity. The dated and uninspiring designs of these offices were not meeting those needs. Our task was to transform these spaces into vibrant, efficient, and welcoming environments for employees and clients alike.

Leveraging our expertise in painting, decorating, and spray plastering, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the offices. Our office spray plastering team collaborated closely with the clients to understand their vision, brand colours, and functional requirements.

The project kicked off with our spray plastering team expertly preparing the surfaces, ensuring a flawless finish that would serve as the foundation for the new design. Next, our painters and decorators brought the vision to life with strategic colour schemes and finishes, transforming each office into a bright, inviting space.

Attention to detail was paramount, with every aspect of the redesign tailored to enhance the offices' aesthetics and utility. From selecting durable, high-quality materials to incorporating the companies' branding into the décor, no stone was left unturned.

The transformation of these West Midlands offices has been nothing short of remarkable. Employees returned to workspaces that felt brand new, designed to stimulate creativity and productivity. The updated designs have not only improved the day-to-day work experience but also strengthened each company's brand identity.

Are you ready to transform your office space? Contact us today to learn how our painting, decorating, and spray plastering services can revitalise your workspace!

an office before our painters and decorators
office before renovation picture
interior of office space needing renovation
pre-painting and decorating picture
after picture of Birmingham office renovation
renovation of Birmingham office with painting, decorating and plastering
spray plastering office building in Birmingham
spray plastering for Birmingham office redevelopment

Recent work at an industrial unit...

In a recent project, the team at 2nd City Spray Solutions took on the challenge of transforming the interior of a Birmingham warehouse. Tasked with revitalising a space that had seen better days, our painters and decorators and plasterers employed their expertise to not only enhance the warehouse's appearance but also to create an environment that boosts productivity and morale.

Using a combination of high-quality paints and cutting-edge techniques, we focused on delivering a finish that was both durable and visually appealing. The chosen colour scheme was designed to brighten the space, making it more inviting and conducive to a productive work atmosphere.

The result was a dramatically improved interior space that exceeded our client's expectations. The refreshed warehouse now boasts a modern, clean look that enhances the daily working experience for employees and leaves a lasting impression on visitors. This project is a testament to how 2nd City Spray Solutions can revitalise any commercial space, combining aesthetic improvements with functional benefits.

Industrial warehouse painting and decorating
pre-renovation picture for industrial unit
spray plastering work completed for industrial unit
Recent work at an industrial unit...
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